The triple agents.

Distilled in secret. Enjoyed in

G.H.Q Spirits

NOSE: Bold and Intense start, Floral, Lemon & Lavender notes.

TASTE: Bright and pronounced and dry, fine floral notes of dried flowers and herbs. It is very bold with a nice composition of flavours playing along a creamy palate.

FINISH: It turns dry but refreshing at the same time on a long finish.

London Dry Gin 70cl

NOSE: Bold Nose with clean small grains and a touch of Maltiness. There’s some soft vanilla and cocoa powder too

TASTE: Creamy with a positive butter note and some minerality and herbal elements on the finish.

FINISH: There’s a refreshing cooling sensation turning into a nice comforting warmth at the end.

NOSE: Beautiful, intense nose. Fruity and floral with a light and elegant first impression of dried tropical fruit, nougat and wood spices.

TASTE: Refreshing and crisp with a matching richness and a sweet and sour note. Creamy but light throughout with a lovely sweetness and spice level.

FINISH: It is a lovely and fresh expression with a nice balance between sweet and savoury notes.