G.H.Q. Rum. R for Regiment

Beautiful, intense nose. Perhaps the most intense on the nose. Fruity and floral with a light and elegant first impression of dried tropical fruit, nougat and wood spices. Refreshing and crisp with a matching richness and a sweet and sour note. Creamy but light throughout with a lovely sweetness and spice level. It is a lovely and fresh expression with a nice balance between sweet and savoury notes

Style: Dark Botanical Rum

With mixers: Goes well with Cola and Ginger Ale

Serving suggestions: Sip it neat on the rocks

Key ingredients are blended Jamaican, Dominican Republic and Guyana rums

G.H.Q. Rum is about that heady summer breeze. Swapping the trilby for the Bicorn Hat and rolling up your sleeves. Leaving the reefer jacket on the hook and enjoying the summer sunshine.

International Drinks Specialists

Key Botanicals


Tasting Notes

NOSE: You ask too many questions.

TASTE: Think Humphrey or Ingrid

FINISH: Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow.

G.H.Q Spirits

The Water

Water comes from an ancient spring deep in the Cairngorm Mountains. Accessible only by trained operatives, the spring produces some of the purest water in the world. This is special forces water that has spent 50 years being filtered through layers of underground rocks and crevices before it is deemed ready to be part of our spirit team.

Perfect Serve

50ml G.H.Q. Vodka
150ml Quality Tonic Water
Wedge of lime

Option 1: Serve ice cold straight from the freezer as a shot.

Option 2: Add ice to a copa glass and pour in 50ml of
G.H.Q. Vodka. Add 150ml of quality tonic water.
Add a wedge of lime to garnish and stir.


G.H.Q. Cocktails Who dares wins

G.H.Q. shows you how to drink for victory. Pour your own cocktails and win the day.

Vodka Collins

60ml G.H.Q. Vodka
25ml fresh lemon juice12.5ml sugar syrup (2:1)
Top with soda
Serve over rocks in a Highball. Garnish with lemon twist & flower.
Collins’ became increasingly popular throughout the 30s & 40s due to different spirits such as vodka becoming readily available.
Distilled in an undisclosed location in the Scottish Highlands | G.H.Q Spirits
Premium spirits distilled in Scotland | G.H.Q Spirits

The Gypsy Queen

50ml G.H.Q. Vodka
15ml benedictine DOM
2 dashes angostura bitters
Served up in a coupe/martini glass, lemon peel and flower to garnish.
One of the earliest Western vodka cocktails, the dom bringing subtle sweetness and florality.

You had me at Aloe

60ml G.H.Q. Vodka
60ml Aloe juice mix (aloe, apple, sugar)
3 dashes tartaric acid solution
Serve in a rocks glass over big ice, Garnish with aloe & flower.
Refreshing and easy drinking, for hot summer days or to quench a deep thirst.
G.H.Q Spirits handcrafted in Scotland