G.H.Q. Gin G for Country

G.H.Q. Gin
G for Country

A London dry gin distilled in a secret location in the glens of Scotland using local berries  and botanicals from and to create a treat worth waiting for.

G.H.Q. Gin is all about the taste. It’s your knee length A-line dress with puff-shoulders and peep-toe heels. It’s your navy blue victory suit with that brown trilby. It is a celebration of everything that made us great – with ice and a slice on the top.

Key Botanicals

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Keep it to yourself. Mum’s the word.

TASTE: We can tell you look better in a uniform.

FINISH: Sometime before roll call.

The Water

Water comes from an ancient spring deep in the Cairngorm Mountains. Accessible only by trained operatives, the spring produces some of the purest water in the world. This is special forces water that has spent 50 years being filtered through layers of underground rocks and crevices before it is deemed ready to be part of our spirit team.

Perfect Serve

50ml G.H.Q. Gin
150ml quality tonic water
Wedge of lime

Add ice to a highball glass and pour in 50ml of G.H.Q. Gin. Add 150ml of quality tonic water. Add a wedge of lime to garnish and stir.

G.H.Q. Cocktails Who dares wins

G.H.Q. shows you how to drink for victory. Pour your own cocktails and win the day.


50ml G.H.Q. Gin
25ml lime juice
12.5ml sugar syrup (2:1)
5 mint leaves

Served up in a coupe/martini, garnished with a mint sprig.
The story goes this classic was created under the judgement of Al Capone, with the whole of Chicago in his pocket the bartenders had to impress or prepare for distress.

Silver Bullet

25ml G.H.Q Gin
25ml Kummel Wolfschmidt
25ml Fresh lemon juice

Served up in a coupe/martini glass, lemon peel and flower to garnish.

Kummel is an old Danish liqueur made from caraway seeds. Reminiscent of fennel or anise, this is a herbaceous, sweet drink.

THE G.H.Q. Prosper Cocktail

35ml G.H.Q. Gin
15ml G.H.Q. Vodka
20ml Lillet Blanc
4 dashes orange bitters
Top with Soda

Roll over ice and serve on the rocks in a highball glass. Garnish with some of those amazing flowers from your garden.

Andree Borrel was a secret agent fighting for the allies during WW2. Code name: Prosper. She was deadly as she was cunning. Proof of this fact comes when she was asked how she would dispatch a nazi, she replied calmly “I’d thrust a pencil through his eye, and he’d deserve it”.

G.H.Q. Gin