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1 x Overlord Rum 70cl
1 x Overlord Vodka 70cl

1 x Overlord Gin 70cl

Please note: Orders for Overlord products will be dispatched late May 2024.

Tri-Service Benevolent Funds Spirit Bottling

6th June 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of D-Day, when allied forces from 13 nations landed on the beaches of Normandy as part of Operation Overlord – the largest combined forces seaborne invasion in history. The prelude to the Operation comprised an extensive air offensive to reduce the enemy’s effectiveness, and cut transport links, domination of the sea and ground force training and preparation on an industrial scale. The logistic aspect was vast, and harbours and airstrips were quickly established to support the breakout from the bridgehead and follow-on operations. The Battle of Normandy lasted until August 1944, when Paris and Northern France were liberated. The Battle came at a cost of some 45,000 allied lives.

The 3 principal charities for the UK Services, Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity, Army Benevolent Fund and Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, support those in the Serving and Veterans communities in need. Many of the WWII veterans that are supported experienced D-Day in June 1944 and are to be found worldwide and reflect the international contribution to the British effort in WWII.

In commemoration of this historic event, a special edition bottling has been created by G.H.Q. Spirits. Ten pounds from each bottle sold will be divided between the Tri-Service Benevolent Funds, supporting the charities that serve today’s veterans. G.H.Q. Spirits is proud to be a part of this initiative and to show our support for those who have served our country. In addition to the special edition bottling there will be a limited edition print run of 500 Giclée art prints digitally signed by the artist Rui Ricardo. A further ten pounds donation will be made to the Tri-Service Benevolent Funds.

Limited Edition Print (742.5 x 297cm) | £100

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